A different kind of social network crafted in India

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Spinlea is an online information sharing and free social networking service which allows registered users to create channels, post information and upload photos and videos. Spinlea is based in India. Spinlea was created in February’2017 and launched in April’2017.

The main feature that makes Spinlea different from other social networking websites is its spin post system. If a user clicks on SPIN button then the post immediately reflects into a random location within the area set by its creator. That is how the post becomes available to a completely new group of people apart from the creators subscribers. Thus the post gets more exposures and gets limitless views.

So, if a user wants to reach a vast group of people within a short period of time then this service of this website could be very useful. It is possible that this feature can make breaking news or information reaches every nooks and corners of any selected location almost immediately.